Skin Deep

I never quite understood the effects that exema, until just recently. I never knew what exema can actually do to you and the skin you are in. I never had the problem with exema, didn’t quite concern myself with it or others that suffered with it because it didn’t effect me. That is until lately where I’ve tried creams, ointments, aloe vera gel, and even prescriptions didn’t cut it. Everything provides a short term relief. It’s like masking a wound with a bandaid and not giving it proper care. If you’ve ever had an open wound and poured hydrogen peroxide on it… then you can understand what lengths I’ve gone to. By the way, peroxide I would not advise to do… but I was desperate. I scratched my skin so badly that my skin was raw. 

My grandpa dealt with exema and I recall he got it really bad. My bout is not nearly that bad … just between the fingers. Just enough to cause great discomfort. I didn’t think it was or is hereditary. Some say it’s “stress” in our lives…. sorry than I’d be covered! Lol 

As I think of my scratched, raw skin…. I think of our relationship with Jesus Christ. So often we mask our appearance and put on an act. Sometimes pleasing to Him and other times, He might just be shaking His head like any parent and say ” Oh Child”. The thing is Christ can see right through us, if we are fake or real. So why hide who you are, He creates no mistakes. Literally….. love the skin you are in, even if its irritated. Love your Mind, body and soul…. just as Christ loves what He has created in us. 

As my skin is raw …. I realize that’s how Christ wants us to be with Him. Not faking who we are but rather like are raw cracked skin…. allowing Christ to break through the surface of our skin and let His light shine through us. No matter the situation we are in. 

As I know as my skin burns, itches and is irritated. No matter what, this is the skin I’m in. I will continue to find something that will work for me. Not everything works the same for the next person, I’ve realized that. Last night, I bought a lotion at “LUSH” called charity pot. Oh my goodness…. I Put it on my hands for night. I didn’t wake up throughout the night because my hands being inflamed. My hands will heal in time. I am liking this lotion, so for now I will give it a try. I like this product because it has natural ingredients. So time will tell. I will be patient. 

 It’s crazy but no matter how irritated my skin is. I’m willing to be patient, as I find something that will work in its healing process. I guess that’s how Christ sees things with us. As our hearts or lives may need healing and as we continue to seek His face. He will provide for our needs. It is up to us to surrender, everything to Him. It’s about finding purpose through the pain. 


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