Mirror image 

Sometimes when I look in the mirror. I wonder ….Just wonder, what do people see ..when they see me?! Yes, I question myself. I am entitled…. are you going to say you’ve never thought about it?! Would I ever minipulate or change how God made me? The answer to that is NO, but if it was to do with my health…. I wouldn’t second guess it.  I don’t believe surgery should be cosmetic, you are changing what God created. I commend people that have lost weight and gone for the gastrointestinal surgery to get rid of extra skin, tuck or tighten where everything needs to be. Essentially it is for a better healthier life style. 

I sometimes think of God’s intervention knowing that He knows which route I’m about to take. He changes my course due to an accident that might occur a mile ahead of me. Shielding me with His protection. 

I often think of the near misses that happen around us, without our knowledge of what maybe ahead. I look into the mirror and study my mirror image, somewhat curious what others may see. 

I am pleased at my reflection, as I study it further…. I see the hidden hurt. As I push through the walls I’ve built around me. I see, I’m in a good place in life. I’m blessed, I’m content at life’s goodness and grace. Would I change anything? No …. I don’t agree with messing with God’s handy work. I am thankful that I am content in how God made me. 

I feel for people that are discontent with there reflection they see. It saddens me how many people go for surgeries to change there appearances. It is sad, really …. why are people so unsatisfied of who they are. Has society robbed our self esteem where we  think we’re not worthy. Our image reflects how it makes us feel… less of a person because we are not on a cover of a magazine or we don’t have that model figure. Remember Marilyn Monroe in today’s standards she would be a size 12-14, so cut yourself some slack and love the skin you are in.

It’s time to take ownership of who we are. Start to love the reflection. More importantly, start loving who we see in the mirror and not try and change it.  It’s time for us to appreciate all that we are. Be thankful what God created in  us. Once we respect ourselves and love ourselves, we become better people to be around. I’m not saying to become conceited. Just really appreciate the body, shape, appearance you have. Embrace it. If we do not truly love ourselves how can we love those around us. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Lift up yourself because that’s where the ripple effect will start. It starts inside of ourselves.

In Mark 12:31 it says” Love your neighbor as you love yourself. No other commandment is greater than these.” 

If you think about it… it makes sense …. if we can not love ourselves, how can we truly love those around us. It starts within us. Love the life you live, live the life you love.


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