Opening the door to Tomorrow …..

In life there is so much uncertainty. I realize we do not embrace each day with enthusiasm but more reserved anticipation. We want more and yet in some sense we fear stepping out and achieving something greater. Scared to stretch ourselves past our own limits. In our own way we are allowing ourselves to be captivated by fear. 

Fear of what tomorrow could bring. Fear of what we could actually do, if we pushed ourselves beyond our limits, we set before us. Why can we not embrace each day with the zeal or zest for life? May it be in a job search or health has taken us down a different road or have we taken a sabbatical from life because we needed to recharge. Whatever the circumstances are, we anticipate what is ahead. 

As I think of all the graduates that are moving out into the world. How things are about to change? How some will go straight into the work force, some to school and some in limbo, unsure of what to do. It is not an easy transition… A little scary as well. As a parent, it is letting go a little more and more with each passing day. 

Do I fear this transition? No I believe I don’t. I am embracing it. I’m excited how things will turn out. We have been blessed with amazing kids. It’s just exciting to see what’s beyond, as we open the door. We will walk with our kids and try to guide them as best as we can. In the end… it is up to the kids, what road or route they will travel. As parents we will stand by and pray that we have done a good job in preparing them for what lies ahead! Again, we loosen our grip of the reigns as we allow them to step into the world.

As we step into the abiss of the unknown, I believe that no matter what happens our roots is what grounds us. Hold to your roots, your faith and yes test the waters before you. Escape into the world, always be aware of who you are. 

As you step closer and push open the door. Take the next step as terrifying as it may be you are not alone. Take a step if you stumble, don’t be afraid… we all stumble, sometimes we fall. We just need to continue to get back up and persevere. What people will remember is how we rise from a fall.  Hold your head high and walk through the door and embrace what lies ahead. Enjoy your rollercoaster ride of life. 


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