Thunder Storm

Have you ever be in a deep sleep and suddenly woken with an earth shattering boom? It’s like your heart just skips a beat trying to find a proper rhythm after that. It’s hard to fall back to sleep after such a rude awakening.

Life is similar to a thunderstorm. Let me explain this analogy, in life we experience hiccups or speed bumps or rude awakenings. A Health scare, a betrayal of a friend, things just not going “as planned” . I’m sure there are more, only to list a few. These can all contribute to the thunderstorms of life. 

There are many times I felt the earth beneath me shatter. Like the carpet beneath me was pulled so vigorously I ended on my back. Leaving me to shake me head and wonder … how will I recover from this? Or I honestly was blindsided I didn’t see that coming.

Let me list a few for you…. call it therapy. As I recall my events in my life as they unfolded, sometimes leaving me shaken. In the end only after time did I see God handy work. At the time, I couldn’t understand… why?

*For me the first was a simple lie that a friend told me…. ruined my trust in people. I’m very skeptical now, not as gullible or trusting. Until I caught my friend red handed in the lie, hand in the cookie jar. That friendship was never the same after.  

*Let’s not forget the ultimate betrayal of what I thought was my friend. This one, hurt me to my inner core. This one hurt me more than anyone could. I’m thankful I was able to forgive but in all honesty, I wasn’t sure I ever could, it took me a few years to get to that point.

*Then, there was the health scares. Mine and my families. I remember being high pregnant with our youngest and our CO2 detector went off at 2am. We evacuated and we were told to go to emergency. We had oxygen masks put on our kids. And we found out later that had we not had the CO2 detector we would not be alive today. I’d like to say that’s God’s grace. 

*Health scares were eminent and really kept us on our toes. My sister had cervical cancer, my brother having a few brushes of death due to going into anaphylactic shock because of bee stings or later on fish, my dad broke a wrist essentially forcing him into early retirement, mom going through her journey of breast cancer and coming  out of it a fighter, that she is. As for myself, I’ve had a few brushes myself…. I’ve had many surgeries due to my endometriosis. One in particular was …. I woke up from surgery with a very sore throat. I couldn’t figure out why? Eating was a challenge, I had liquids, ice cream and anything not to make me swallow too much. Speaking and singing just was laboured, it just hurt. That was until my follow up appointment. Which I found out as my Dr. informed me … I had to be intubated. I did not want to wake up from surgery so they had to put a device down my throat, which scrapped my throat causing discomfort for a little while, as it started to heal. 

*Then diagnosis of my sisters second bout of cancer. They said it was small carcenoma lung cancer which went metastatic Very quickly. Which ment the doctors could not pinpoint where it originated from. So a terminal diagnosis was a hard pill to swallow. 

As I look back, yes our family has had our share of health issues or some would call scares. I call it God’s work in progress. Only now can I say, in every instance you look back and I’ve seen Gods hand in it. At the time, in the midst of the storm we have blinders on. We question God??? We wonder …God where are you?? We feel we are forgotten…. we cry out to God as our hearts feel broken. Only to come to realize we were not walking alone in those moments…. He was carrying us. 

So, it is by God’s grace I’m still here. I am truly thankful and blessed. No matter what storms may come in life I’m not afraid to put on my heavy armour and Walk a road less travelled. Unfamiliar territory can be scary and treacherous but with Christ all things are  possible. I just want to do Him proud in the end.

2 Corinthians 12:9….. 

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.


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