Need Recognition 

We all go through times in our lives where we feel the need to be acknowledged for a job well done. Perhaps a pat on the back, would be rewarding enough.  Some prefer the likes of an audience. 

Why do we need or feel the need to be recognized or noticed? Is our sense of worth wrapped up in what others may think of us? 

I don’t know why I have been wondering about this lately.  Is it because people crave attention or to be noticed and simply draw attention to themselves? Wanting to be in the spot light or centre of attention?? 

If we are going to talk about clothing…. we are in for something. I believe in dressing modestly and leave something for the imagination. Why do some feel the need to literally bare all? Ewww gross. First off , you should here what boys say about these dressers. It’s not pleasing to there eyes, more of an eye roll 🙄. 

Sorry…. I tend to roll my eyes at this sort of behaviour. I think that is enough said on that topic. Maybe more for another day. 

Although…. stepping back when I was in school, I could be the class entertainment. “Class clown” if you will. Surprisingly now I see through all that and I see the insecurities come to the surface.

Although, I’ve grown up since those days. I’d rather sit back and enjoy the show before me now. It’s more enjoyable, I can get lost in a crowd. I can blend in. I know I’ve changed a lot in the passed few years. Evolved in away that I’m more content than I have ever been with myself. I’m ok with that. 

I believe it’s a good thing. Sometimes maybe not so much. I used to be a social butterfly and now I am more isolated than I have ever been. Is it self preservation? I don’t know …. I am okay with the quiet times to slow things down and just enjoy my surroundings.


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